1. First contacts with the medical field: 

Our first contacts with the medical area date back to 1992 with the development of a system which allows the administration procedures of pathology laboratories and services.  The system, developed by the firm ENHANCED SYSTEMS SRL., - founded by Mr. Bernardino Castro and Mr. Jorge Restanio, current partners in EVTB S.A.-  was the first in its type  to be implemented throughout the country using SNOMED coded nomenclature (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine) designed by the College of American Pathologists in its successful attempt to advance towards a national / international scope database.

 2. SILAPA (System for Laboratories of Anatomic-Pathology):  

This system uses SNOMED for the encoding of its data files (medical data base) without limiting itself to it, though.  Actually, it allows the creation of statistical information at laboratories / services levels as well as the storing of all studies carried out by patient for future prompt retrieval by topography, diagnosis, etc.

3. SILAPA Users: 

  • Hospital de Niños Ricardo Gutierrez - Capital Federal

  • Sanatorio Adventista del Plata - Villa Libertador G. San Martín

  • Hospital San Martín - Paraná

  • Hospital Británico - Capital Federal

  • Hospital Regional de Ushuaia

  • Hospital "Río Grande"

  • Diagnóstico Maipú - Buenos Aires

  • Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos - Mar del Plata

  • Hospital de Niños Sor María Ludovica _ La Plata

  • Clínica Médica Morón – Buenos Aires

  • Hospital Central de San Isidro – Buenos Aires

  • Hospital Naval  C. M. Pedro Mallo – Capital Federal

  • Clínica Bazterrica – Capital Federal

  • Hospital General de Niños “Pedro de Elizalde” – Capital Federal

  • Centro Gallego de Buenos Aires – Capital Federal

  • Antártida Hospital Privado – Capital Federal

  • Hospital Provincial Neuquén -  Dr.Castro Rendon –Neuquén

  • Centro de Salud Municipal - Dr. Leónidas Lucero – Bahia Blanca – Buenos Aires