Ensuring data confidentiality and integrity for participants in the electronic commerce environment.

Electronic Business Security Services

By protecting the integrity of information through the identification, authentication and authorization of user populations and trading communities, Electronic Business Security Services (EBSS) provides comprehensive solutions, including:

Electronic Business Security Consulting Services

Electronic Business Security Consulting Services provide the client with expert assistance in assessing the current security environment. This offering determines what would be needed and how to transform the security environment into one that is ready for electronic business. These services also assess corporate security policy and recommend updates to allow for the changes an electronic business-enabled environment mandates. Additionally, EBSS consultants help design or adapt a full security architecture to accommodate the planned electronic business applications. Electronic Business Identification, Authentication and Authorization Services

Electronic Business Identification, Authentication and Authorization Services provide the assurances for confidentiality and privacy. Public Key Infrastructure technology and cryptographic software provides for positive authentication of users over the Internet, Extranet or an Intranet. Integrity of information is achieved by using encryption technology and hashing algorithms. Digital signatures provide for non-repudiation. Access Control for authorization (Web based, Client / Server / Legacy and Single Sign-On) further ensures the privacy and confidentiality. Smart cards, tokens or biometrics provide identification of users. EVTB engineers fully integrate these technologies into the security framework. The application users benefit from the seamless interface and simplified features of this solution.

Electronic Business Network Security Services

Electronic Business Network Security Services provide clients with network security services for extended periods of time. These services can either reside on the client's premises or run remotely at EVTB facilities. EVTB personnel are currently managing Virtual Private Networks, Firewalls and Intrusion Detection systems for several customers. The EBSS framework of security services enables secure electronic business applications for business to business environments. In addition to enabling customers to enter the electronic business environment safely and securely, EBSS is equally important to those already committed to electronic business. Applications such as supply chain management, e-government, e-procurement, and other electronic business applications require equally high levels of assurance.