Information Management

Centralized Systems Management

Managing mainframe and midrange systems. Delivering output and testing services on a large integrated system serving multiple locations.

Distributed Systems Management

Managing networks and systems. Providing field service. Supplying asset management; design, procurement and integration; and help desk services.

Communications Management

Transforming and integrating legacy systems. Managing network and Internet services. Supplying and managing voice and video services.

Applications Management

AM is a set of services in which EVTB assumes contracted responsibility for the continuous management and execution of any or all activities related to the support, maintenance, enhancement and evolution of applications at agreed levels of service, cost, and quality.

  • EVTB delivers against customized and "Living" Service Level Agreements (SLAs);

  • A quality system is dedicated to best practices for AM services. These are enforced on all AM engagements to ensure that our service is highly efficient, reliable, cost effective, customer service oriented and bringing value to the business;

  • EVTB's SLA-based pricing models and Service Management practices ensure that fixed costs are known and variable costs are controlled;

  • Service management, improvement and evolution are basic tenets of our AM service;

Security Management

Providing security measures that prevent compromises to sensitive information and operational integrity.