Extended Enterprise Services

Through the implementation and good use of Web-based and other state-of-the-art technologies, EES assist clients in transforming their businesses into competitive organizations. EES help our clients become more responsive to change, reduce time-to-market, achieve cost savings, manage risks and align IT resources to business objectives.

The Extended Enterprise

EES enable the interaction of a company with its customers, partners, and suppliers. Our customers make use of EES services to lay the basement of an electronic business environment across the extended enterprise. EES allows a variety of clients to have controlled interaction with the enterprise's core business processes without disrupting those same core processes.

Some of the benefits that EES can provide for your company are as follows:

Extended enterprise electronic commerce and the creation of e-communities.

Extended enterprise knowledge sharing between disparate systems.

Transformation of the customer supply chain.

Enterprise business process integration and application integration across the extended enterprise.

Our Extended Enterprise Services (EES) portfolio includes the following:

  • EES Needs Assessment
  • EES Architecture Development
  • EES Solution Development
  • E-Commerce Enterprise Integration
  • Packaged Applications / Legacy Systems Integration
  • Data Warehousing / Decision Support Integration
  • Enterprise Information Portals
  • Enterprise Digital Dashboard
  • EES Performance Testing
  • Enterprise Integration and Technical Consulting