Electronic Procurement

Electronic Procurement is a marketplace service for business-to-business procurement that reduces the cost of purchasing for both the buyer and supplier by automating communications and processes. The marketplace approach provides a more cost-effective solution than an in-house solution by eliminating internal capital investments and providing faster implementation.

The Procurement Marketplace

The procurement marketplace is the mechanism that provides services using Internet technologies and messaging standards to support procurement. This marketplace provides services to furnish file conversion, guaranteed message delivery, advertising services for suppliers, catalog management and customer service.

Buyer Services

The buyer implementation enables desktop purchasing within a company. Cost savings are achieved through improvements to day-to-day purchasing and strategic sourcing processes. The buyer electronic procurement application provides the following functionality:

  • End-to-end automated process

  • Approval workflow

  • Personalized product catalogs

  • Contract pricing

  • User level purchasing controls

  • Data analysis

  • Systems integration

  • Buying statistics and reporting

  • User administration and security

Supplier Services

Supplier services reduce processing costs by providing electronic orders instead of paper-based orders, increase service delivery levels due to faster receipt of orders and increase revenue potential through access to many buyers. The major components of the supplier services include the following:

  • Order management

  • Systems integration

  • Catalog management

  • Data analysis

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